Who we are

Sri Lanka Chapter of the Internet Society serves the Society’s purposes by serving the interests of a segment of the global Internet community through a local presence; focus on local issues and developments, and use of local languages. The general purposes and scope of the chapter are as follows:

  1. Popularization of Internet in Sri Lanka.
  2. Facilitation of research into Localization as well as to promote creation of local content in Sinhala and Tamil on the Internet.
  3. To facilitate research into last mile connectivity to Internet in rural areas in Sri Lanka and to conduct training and awareness workshops in network connectivity in rural areas in Sri Lanka.
  4. To promote closer interaction among ISOC chapter members.
  5. To liaise with other organizations with similar interest.
  6. To create awareness and dialog on Broadband and Internet connectivity issues in Sri Lanka as well as to play an advisory role to government bodies which are involved in creating standards on Internet connectivity and Broadband standards in Sri Lanka.
  7. To create awareness and facilitation of Information and Communication Technology professionals and organizations in Sri Lanka to participate in global bodies/groups such as Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
  8. To promote new standards, Internet technologies and implementation of protocols such as IPV6 while advising government of Sri Lanka to formulate policies on adverse impact of Internet such as child phonography, Internet fraud etc without harming citizens right to access and publish content on the Internet.
  9. To promote use of International Domain names of Sri Lanka: Lanka and Ilangai.
  10. This Chapter will serve persons who live or work in the country of Democratic Socialist Republic Sri Lanka.
  11. This Chapter is chartered by the Internet Society. These bylaws neither supersede nor abrogate any of the Bylaws of the Internet Society that regulate chapter affairs.
  12. This Chapter shall be established as a not for profit organization under the laws of the country of Sri Lanka.
Last Modified: 26 February, 2018 2:08 pm